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Pension Plans  

401(k) Plans
These plans are the most popular form of retirement plan. In addition to employee elective deferral contributions, 401(k) plans usually include employer matching and profit sharing contribution features. These plans can be customized to the specific needs of each employer.

Profit Sharing Plans
Most often, profit sharing plans are combined with a 401(k) plan, as described above. However, profit sharing plans can also stand alone as a fully employer-funded retirement vehicle. These plans may include advanced plan design features such as new-comparability/cross-testing, age-weighted, integrated with social security, etc.

403(b) Plans
403(b) plans can be sponsored by nonprofit organizations. These plans are similar to 401(k) plans in that they allow for employee elective deferral contributions and employer matching and/or non-elective contributions.

Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans
Traditional defined benefit (pension) plans are typically funded by employers and provide a guaranteed (or defined) benefit to employees. Cash balance defined benefit plans are similar to traditional defined benefit plans, but allow plan sponsors greater flexibility in design.


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